Why a Promotional Calendar?
Advertising Impact

A simple promotional calendar, for less than the price of a cup of coffee, opens all the doors!

Enter your clients' homes by the main door. Your key? A Porte-Folios™ promotional calendar.

Forge close and lasting ties with your current and potential clientele: give a Porte-Folios™ promotional calendar personalized with your message, and remain close to your clients all year long.

A Porte-Folios™ promotional calendar will grow your business! Research has shown that companies offering a gift calendar experience a 7% to 10% increase in their clientele

Your name and message are a constant presence associated with attractive images that your clients will be happy to display.

Economical and easy to distribute, it is also less expensive than a newspaper ad and remains in plain view much longer.

Your current and potential clients can use the space in the date boxes, which can be seen from a distance, to note appointments and other important information. Remember that they rely on a calendar much as they rely on a watch. Make the most of it: ensure a strong presence throughout the calendar your clients will be using during the year.

While technology has made significant inroads into our day-to-day lives, the fact remains that virtually everyone has a gift calendar posted in their home or office. Why shouldn't that gift calendar be yours?

In fact, the impact of the promotional calendar on clients is so strong that 90% of companies offering calendars continue to do so year after year. Among them, we note:

  • In the food sector, they ensure customer loyalty by handing out calendars at the check-out counter.
  • In automotive repair shops, they ensure customer loyalty by placing the calendar on the passenger's seat.
  • In the real estate sector, 1,000 calendars in a well-defined sector will bring in an average of three listings.

Join the thousands of retailers and professionals who give out our promotional calendars.

  • Promotional supermarket calendars
  • Promotional drugstore calendars
  • Promotional automotive calendars
  • Promotional hardware store calendars
  • Promotional real estate calendars
  • Promotional insurance company calendars
  • Promotional heating company calendars
  • Promotional furniture retailer calendars
  • Promotional rental centre calendars
  • Promotional professional firm calendars